Stella Oslekova

"When the student meets his Teacher,
he receives from them the live water of baptism.
The Sun rises in his heart,
the uncertainty and fear disappear,
and far away the Eternal releases
its magnificent glory in front of his eyes...
And the student begins the journey..."

Beinsa Douno


This is the kind of journey the great piano pedagogue Stella Oslekova led us on - a journey to the worlds around and inside us. We, her grateful students living in all corners of the world, are united by the sacred touch of that well of living water she led us to. We remember its taste, follow its good magic, and walk in the footsteps of her memory in order to tell you about her - our beloved teacher, the woman who helped us to be what we are today… musicians, creators, discoverers.

Steliana Christova Oslekova belongs to one of the great Bulgarian families, which roots historians trace well into the Middle Ages. Her forefathers fought for Bulgarian freedom and independence and nowadays the famous Oslekova House in the historical village of Koprivshtitza is a museum of the Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. Stella, as her relatives and friends lovingly call her, was born in Plovdiv in 1946. As she had inherited her family’s aptitude for the beautiful and artistic, Stella went into the world of music at an early age and started piano lessons with Pavunka Kadiyska. After graduating from the Dobrin Petkov National School of Music and Dance in 1965, she continued her piano studies with Prof. George Petrov in the Academy for Music, Dance, and Fine Arts in Plovdiv. Around this time she got married and started a family. After her graduation in 1971, Stella worked as a piano teacher at "Ivan Vazov" Community Center (1968-1972), at the Children’s Music School part of Union Culture House - Plovdiv (1968-1976), and at Dobrin Petkov National School of Music and Dance (1973-2012). Her biggest professional accomplishments and legacy are associated with her work at this high school. She is the co-founder and co-producer of the piano competition "Schumann-Brahms", as well as its artistic director until her passing in 2012. Stella Oslekova is a winner of numerous grants and awards from national and international competitions. In 2005, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Tourism awards Stella Oslekova with the medal "St. Cyril and St. Methodius" - second degree in recognition for her contribution to Bulgarian culture.

If there is one thing that defines Stella’s professional life, it must be her calling as a Teacher. In the artistic communities of Plovdiv and Bulgaria "Stella Oslekova’s Piano Studio" is a synonym with professionalism, dedication, and high artistic achievements. Her students call her "Mrs. Sun" because of her warm smile, understanding, and love she gave everyone that came in her life. Stella’s students have won hundreds of awards from national and international competitions. Some of them are: 

Bulgarian Competitions: "Schumann-Brahms" - Plovdiv; "Svetoslav Obretenov" - Provadia; "Dimitar Nenov" - Razgrad; Bulgarian Academic Competition for Instrumental and Vocal Performance - Academy for Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv; "Young Musical Gifts" - Sofia; "Frederic Chopin" - Varna; "Franz Schubert" - Gabrovo; "Albert Roussel" - Sofia; "Classical Vienna" - Stara Zagora; "Russian Music" - Pleven; "French Music" - Plovdiv; "The Music and the Earth" - Sofia; "Liszt-Bartok" - Sofia; "The Coast of Hope" - Dobrich; "Veselin Stoyanov" - Sofia; "M.A.G.I.C." - Bourgas; "Hopes, talents, masters" - Dobrich; "Diko Iliev" - Vratza

International Competitions and Festivals: "Marisa Montiel" - Spain; "Mozart" - Brussels, Belgium; "Steinway" - Berlin-Hamburg, Germany; "Nikolai Rubinstein" - Paris, France; "Musiciansh of the New Millenium" - Skopie, Macedonia; "Maria Yudina" - St. Peterburg, Russia; Music Competition - Milan, Italy; Portland Music Festival - USA; Peter de Grote Festival - Holland; "Valeri Gavrilin" - Vologda, Russia; Music Competition - NYC, USA; "Wendl & Lung" - Vienna, Austria; Young Pianist’ Competition - Nish, Serbia; "Europa fest" - Bukurest, Romania; "Marin Soresku" - Krayova, Romania.

Having started their path under Stella Oslekova’s tutelage, today her students belong to the world’s music elite. They enrich the cultural life of the countries where they create art as pianists, conductors, composers, accompanists, music managers, and teachers. Regardless of where they are and what they do, her students always carry in their hearts Stella’s love, and continue on the road she led them on - the road to musical eternity.